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花與我 不知什麼時候開始我拍攝了花一段時間,對我而言它就像人一樣,而且 看來更像女性。花期就像女性最30歲前的一個華麗階段,就像吸引蜜蜂 去採花粉,之後再結成果實,花淍謝,再生出新生命,這是一個自然界 的定律。但到了我這個年紀,除了欣賞與拍攝外,我相信沒有什麼可做 到。花期過去接著是衰退期,我們只能用保鮮紙希望能保存得更長久, 同時也得應欣賞生命週期,這個是我們需要接受的生命關係。

Flower and me I do not know when to start shooting flower some time, for me it is like a people, but it seems more like women. Like a gorgeous female flowering stage before the age of 30, like to attract bees collected pollen, and then later to form fruits, flowers withered regenerate new life, this is a law of nature. But to my age, in addition to enjoy shooting, I believe that nothing can be done. Flowering is followed by a recession in the past, we can only hope to save longer, but also have to be to enjoy the life cycle, this is what we need to accept life relationship