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無言訊息 牆,可以是一種分隔,也可以是一種保護,而牆壁經過一段時間後會呈現著一些痕跡就像一條條的記憶,有些顯然易見,有些要細心觀察,有些會用上油漆進行翻新就像覆蓋著過去的事情,好比一個中年男性一樣,他不會刻意表露內心世界,但只要你細心觀察,亦能看出一些蛛絲馬跡,彷彿似是無言訊息,我希望想透過照片內這不確定的訊息引發出您個人的想法。

Exhibition Statement:

Message in silence Wall, can be a divide, can be a protection. Wall, after some period of time, shows some traces which are like memories; some are obvious to be seen, some require careful observations, and some are like covered by paint, just like our past is covered. Similar to a middle age木 man, he does not show his inner self intentionally, but the traces of him can be seen if you are observant. They are messages without words. I hope to bring out your inner thoughts through my photos with those uncertain messages.